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Jacques Teddy Chery MPA MSPS

Community Engagement Officer, Urban Edge

Haitian Language Instructor, Harvard University

J. Teddy Chery was born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. Teddy earned his joint Masters Degree in Public Administration and Political Science from Suffolk University where he took a specific interest in U.S. interventions in Haiti as well as the effects of said intervention in the Haitian diaspora globally.  Teddy worked at the United States House of Representatives as a distinguished recipient of the Joseph Moakley Fellowship.  In conjunction with his professional pursuits, Teddy currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Boston Network of International Development and on the Advisory Board of the Rian Immigrant Center (f.k.a Irish International Immigrant Center). Through these affiliations, Teddy has been able to fulfill his passion for redesigning US immigration policies and conduct crucial work on Temporary Protected Status policies within Massachusetts and the United States.  His recent publishings and acknowledgements included an op-ed on Title 42 and a call to action from the Biden administration.  Teddy currently works full time as a Community Engagement Officer for Urban Edge. He remains interested in higher education, social and socioeconomic advocacy, as well as sharing information on Haitian culture.