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JP Michel

Chairman and CEO to Santé Nou Health, Inc.

JP Michel serves as the Chairman and CEO to Santé Nou Health, Inc., (Santé Nou)—a US logistics company with a focus on healthcare in Haiti. Santé Nou exists squarely to help improve Haiti’s Human Development Index through logistics.

Santé Nou offers individuals and families traveling to Haiti peace of mind. When faced with unforeseen medical emergencies, the Santé Nou service kicks-in to enable the seamless coordination and delivery of emergency care from the point-of-injury to a designated healthcare center. The Santé Nou service links the primary care needs of loved ones residing in Haiti to a primary care voucher that is sponsored by loved ones traveling to Haiti. Santé Nou has been in the making for nearly five years, opening its doors to the public in March 2019. The company’s ethos is driven by Mr. Michel’s passion for a better Haiti, which can only happen when its human development improves. Mr. Michel believes improving healthcare is a sine qua non step—one of paramount importance.

Mr. Michel has over two decades of experience as an investment professional in capital markets and the fund management industry. Prior to Santé Nou, Mr. Michel served as the Managing Partner of Blue Ocean Harvest (BOH), a capital markets firm he created in 2007. BOH provides capital solutions to mid-cap firms in Latin America (LATAM) that are seeking entry into the US capital markets. Mr. Michel played an essential role in expanding the firm’s operations across LATAM and, in this capacity, has advised a number of presidents, finance ministers, and central bank governors from the region.

Prior to BOH, Mr. Michel served as Vice President at heritage JP Morgan, leading its Lab Morgan group across various tech ventures and investments. Mr. Michel joined IFS, Ltd. in 1997, a pioneer in fund administration. As a Director, Mr. Michel built its Dublin, Ireland operations and contributed to IFS’s successful acquisition by State Street Bank in 2002.

Mr. Michel’s work has been a culmination of his extensive professional background and a continued passion to help others. His philanthropic spirit has found a way into many of his endeavors, allowing him to aid businesses in growth worldwide. He continues his social-service mission by engaging young Haitian professional via his work as Chairman of the Board of the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP).