Jude Celiscar

CEO and Co-Founder, Goodoo Courier

Jude Celiscar is the CEO and Co-Founder of goodoo courier. His educational background is in Political Science and International Political Economics with an emphasis on International Trade and Business. Jude works tirelessly to motivate others through inspirational speaking engagements and mentorship for high school and college students. His compelling life story starts off in Haiti with humble beginnings. Through hard work and dedication he has been able to find success and will soon publish his first book entitled, “ The ABC’s for Success: Recognizing the Key and the Five Principles to Achieve Success”, which highlights the five pivotal principles needed to achieve success. When Jude is not working or traveling for business he enjoys volunteering for youth programs to motivate young people about what they can achieve through hard work and dedication, regardless of where they come from or what life has dealt them thus far.