Lovens Gjed

Chairman & CEO, MEnvesti

M. Lovens Gjed is an award-winning entrepreneur and Forbes Under 30 scholar from Gonaives, Haiti and currently lives in North Miami, FL. He is a recent graduate in Sustainable Development from Columbia University and the founder of MEnvesti Group, LLC, a remittance investment company which monitorsĀ MEnvesti.com, an online crowdfunding platform that connects small lenders in the Haitian diaspora to development projects in Haiti. His background extends to financial banks on Wall Street such as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs thanks to BLK Capital Management, an elite financial education program for students of color. He has also interned with the Youth Assembly at the United Nations and demonstrated ongoing support for the UN 2030 Agenda in Haiti, pioneering efforts to make efficient use of remittances and create jobs in the country. M. Gjed is also a LEED-certified Real Estate & Green Building consultant.