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Michael Baptiste

Digital Marketing Strategist, BGM Agency

Michael Baptiste is Digital Marketing Strategist at BGM Agency (BGM). BGM believes everyone has a SUPER POWER, and so Michael helps people package their SUPER POWER into a signature High Ticket Offer, so they can get paid to share it with the world, impact lives all over the world, and ultimately build a FUN LIFESTYLE based business so they can travel the world and share more time with their loved ones.

Michael has helped clients produce over $1.5 Million results in both online sales & investments with its strategic coaching and sales strategies. Since BGM has launched its coaching program, they’ve helped clients attract high ticket coaching & consulting clients to the tune of 5 – 10 high ticket clients in their first 60 days of working with the Agency.

Michael has coached high level professionals, digital marketers, and small business owners on how to package their knowledge into a high ticket offer, generate more traffic, convert that traffic into leads, and convert those leads into high ticket sales.