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Michael Gay, P.E.

President, GDG Beton et Construction


B.S.C.E.- City College of New York, 1972
Graduate studies towards M.S. in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and the University of Nebraska, 1974

Professional Registrations:  

Registered Professional Engineer (civil) in the states of Colorado, Illinois and Nebraska. Licensed contractor in New Mexico.

Professional Associations:   

Member of The Moles, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, International Tunneling Association and the Disputes Review Board Foundation.

Key Qualifications:

Michael Gay has 40 years of continuous experience in heavy construction and management. During this time, he has had the position of Area Manager, Project Manager, District Engineer, Project and Office Engineer for one of the top 10 construction Company in North America. Peter Kiewit Sons Co. His assignments for the Kiewit Company have afforded him the opportunity to build and manage underground work in various States of the U.S. and in Canada, Taiwan, Denmark and most recently Puerto-Rico before he decided to take an early retirement from the Kiewit Company and go on his own.

Over the last fourteen (14) years he has successfully started, managed and expanded his own construction and consulting Company with its headquarter in Florida.

Relevant Experience :

G.D.C Constructors Inc.

As President of this 14 year old Company, he oversees all the operations of the company which operates in three (3) segments. a) Underground Consulting b) General Construction c) Ready Mix Supply and Placement thru its Caribbean subsidiary: GDG Beton & Construction S.A.

During that period, Mr. Gay has done numerous consulting work for most of the major Engineering and Construction companies including his previous employer Peter Kiewit Sons Co. These consulting assignments involve Design review, estimating, constructability review, change orders preparation and claim review to name a few. Among the many recent projects included in the above assignments, one will find Brightwater, Portland CSO, Devil’s Slide, the 72nd Street Station and Caverns in Manhattan, and many others.

He was an early consultant to CalTrans in the design and evaluation of the various construction methods to be used in the recently completed contract for the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel outside of Oakland. He was also a Peer Review Consultant to the San Francisco Muni and the Seattle Sound Transit for the recently awarded North Link segment. Most recently, Mr Gay served as an Expert Witness for the Southern Nevada Water Authority in the successful insurance arbitration proceedings of the Lake Mead third intake Tunnel and shaft flood.

Kiewit – Kenny – Zachary

From 1996 to 1999 Mr. Gay was the project executive for a $ 300 million segment of the Tren Urbano Transit Project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In that capacity, he oversaw the design and construction of the Design Build Rio-Piedras Segment adjacent to the University of Puerto Rico. The work involved demolition, relocation of utilities, open cut subway construction, hand and TBM mining, NATM and structural concrete, roadway reconstruction and station construction including all the architectural, mechanical.

Kiewit Construction Co.

From 1973 to 1996, Mr. Gay worked for the Kiewit Company on the following projects in the capacity described here in.

  • Washington D.C. Metro : Area Manager
    During a 4 year period from 1992 to 1996, Mr. Gay was the Area Manager overseeing the simultaneous construction of four segments of the WMATA Green Line. These contracts were in the forty (40) to eighty (80) million dollars range and included utility reconstruction, open cut and underground excavation, reinforced concrete box culverts, electrical substation, Mechanical ventilation. In his capacity of area Manager, he was responsible for the estimating, bidding, staffing and final approval of the suppliers and subcontractors proposed by the project Management. He was also the offsite company person in charge of these projects.
  • Deer Island Wastewater Outfall : Project Manager (1990 – 1992)
    Responsible for all operations on the project, including safety and quality assurance. This $250 million contract comprised the construction of the single largest component of the Deer Island Treatment Plant. The work included a 430’ deep, 34’ diameter shaft from which a nine (9) mile long 26’6’’ diameter tunnel was driven under the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Anacostia Station Line: Project Manager (1987 – 1990)
    This project involved the construction of an open cut section of line and station of the Washington Metro. The work involved the detour of an interstate Highway to allow the gradual construction of the station. It also involved extensive Architectural finishes for the passenger Areas and the entrance Houses. Other elements of work that were part of the work involved the HVAC, precast roof panels, floor and ceiling tiles, etc.
  • District Office: District Engineer ( 1982 – 1986)
    As Chief Engineer of the Heavy Division of the Company, Mr. Gay was directly overseeing the entire estimating, Bidding and engineering activities of the District. In addition, he was responsible for the review and monitoring of the various CPM schedules cost control reports and the progress estimates of the ongoing projects. Finally he was responsible for the review and final approval of all field design relating to earth support, concrete forming and temporary facilities.

    • Various Locations : 1973 – 1981
      During this eight (8) year period, Mr. Gay worked as an Engineer on the following projects.
    • Chicago Mainstream Pump station
      Project Engineer Multi faceted $168 million waste water Pump station in Hodgins, Illinois. Besides the Rock excavation and concrete activities, this project required the construction of four (4) 2 story Buildings that serve as the nerve center for the Pump Station. It also included extensive pumps, valves, etc. Some of these pumps were over 15000 HP
  • EISENHOWER TUNNEL: Project Engineer – $ 102 million
    Construction of a 2 mile Long, 46’ wide x 42’ high highway Tunnel at an elevation of ± 10,000 ft above sea level. The work also involved the construction of the approach roadways on both sides of the tunnel. This included embankment work, drainage, guard rail, base and asphalt paving.

      Prior to his employment with Kiewit, Mr. Gay worked as a designer for this Architectural and engineering firm specializing in the design of highways, bridges and underground utility.