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Michel Shevchenko

Undergraduate Student, Saint Augustine's University

Black man of African origin, first of a family of two children, I am Michel Shevchenko, 19 yearsold.

Over the past few years, I have learned a lot and accomplished a lot. I have represented my country several times in international competitions; I was a finalist in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair 2022 and the Diamond Challenge Global Finalist 2021 (one of the best entrepreneurship competitions for high school students). I have won many national competitions like the 1st winner of the best robotic performance at the First Lego League (FLL) Haiti 2021, the 1st winner of ExpoScience Haiti 2022.

Since my childhood, I have always had a strong desire to participate in the development of my country, and to meet the needs of my family. This is how during my high school years, I acquired a lot of knowledge in psychology, technology, robotics and entrepreneurship. In 2012, I heard about a competition called Diamond Challenge, which was an entrepreneurial competition that aimed to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students. The construction method of my country is very bad, during the earthquakes in 2010, it caused several thousand deaths. Realizing this, I and 3 other students decided to come up with a project that involved creating blocks and cobblestones that were 300 times stronger than the originals.

Despite the situation of my country, since 9th grade, I started taking a lot of training on entrepreneurship, economics and taking courses on computers and new technologies. In an effort to learn more in my gap year, I took courses in psychology and more than 35 chapters in advanced mathematics and American literature at an American institution known as the Haitian American Institute for over three months which allowed me to do 700 out of 800 for the SAT maths section.

In 2022, I invented a technological glasses project (BLUETECH) which reduces the rate of brain cancer, eye diseases, and facilitates memorization during learning. An invention that amazed everyone and allowed me to win the biggest science competition in Haiti; ExpoScience Haiti 2022 and to become Finalist in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair 2022 (ISEF 2022).

Shortly after my classical studies, I was already co-founder of “Mental and Brain”, a psychological organization whose mission is to help people who suffer from mental illnesses and now, I am in the main committee of a organization (Ayitirobo) that aims to put a robotic club in every Haitian schools.