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Mirlesna Azor-Sterlin

Co-Founder, Haitians of the Triangle

Her name is Mirlesna Azor-Sterlin but can be shortened to Lesna or Lez. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (area called Bas Peu De Chose also known as BPC) and immigrated to the City of Champions Boston, Massachusetts (but if you really know the SouthShore, she claims Randolph & Brockton). When she became a transplant in the State of North Carolina, She co-founded Haitians of the Triangle (HOTT) In quest for community. She was also a founding member and former membership and recruitment chair for North Carolina Haitian Women’s Coalition (NCHWC).

Her education background includes a master in Higher Education Student Affairs from Salem State University (Salem, MA), a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Framingham State University (Framingham, MA) and a certificate in Community College instruction from East Carolina University (Greenville, NC). She is also a commissioned North Carolina Notary.

At the tender age of 10, Mirlesna already assisted her mother in her classroom and developed skills that would later on translate to her becoming a compassionate leader. She held her first job at 14 and believes in hard work and equity. Her love for education led her to dedicate the last decade in student affairs and administration at public institutions. Mirlesna’ s willingness to lend a helping hand as it relates to all things Haiti has pushed her to not only continue laying the foundation for a strong and vibrant community but leaving her mark in the world through involvement, conversations centered around equity, respect, justice, culture, fairness and much more.

A quiet storm and introvert, you can find her always conversing about community, motherhood, mental health, Haiti, sipping mimosas and traveling. Sometimes, you may catch Mirlesna on Haitian Mom Influencers clubhouse room sharing her perspectives, voluntarily co-leading a Bass Connections class of Duke and NCCU students with other colleagues, or discussing workers’ rights through the Durham Workers’ Rights Commission- a board that she was appointed to and sworn in to serve a two year term.

Amongst her list of likes/loves are her family members, friends, Haitian food, konpa, getting involved, creating change, sunbathing and enjoying the beach. She looks forward to developing a strong, vibrant Haitian Community in NC, networking and being an engaged and involved mother and wife.