Mohales Deis

COO/Founder, Poprouser Inc.

Mohales is a Founder of Poprouser Inc a subscription-based People Operations, HR, and People Analytics consulting firm where he serves as COO and Co-Chief People Officer. He also leads Poprouser’s HR Tech development, and is the creator of #HRisWoke. Prior to that he held numerous operational, strategy, product, and finance roles across a handful of startups, worked as a strategy, operations, and finance consultant, and worked in Corporate Finance at GE.

Mohales began his studies of leadership early in his university years having graduated from Academy of Leaders I & II, Executive Protégé Initiative, and as a Yale Pre-MBA Leadership Scholar. Mohales prides himself on his level of ravenous curiosity and ability to build bridges between disparate groups, functions, or topics – skillsets he continues to work on daily. He’s an eclectic systems & design thinker, who began his life as an artist, and has over the years extended his penchant for executable vision and creativity into business. Through Poprouser, Mohales applies his role as an amateur futurist striving to shepherd the convergence of technology and people. He’s a Miami native with a lengthy background in fine arts and the liberal arts and holds degrees in Management & International Business with a concentration in Leadership and Change Management with a number of certificates across Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources, and Supervision. Mohales further studied Corporate Leadership at GE’s famed Crotonville Leadership Institute.

Personal Motto: Ponder. Tinker. Render.