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Néhémie Pluviose

First Year Student, University of Wisconsin Madison

My name is Nehemie Pluviose. I am a child of two Haitian immigrants. It has always been my dream to go to college since the 8th grade. After 8th grade, I began excelling in school — always looking for ways to challenge myself. I challenged myself to the point where I took enough college classes to graduate high school with an Associates Degree from Miami Dade College at age 18.

I am currently an incoming Freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison. My goal is to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer. Because of this, I will double major in Computer Science and Data Science. In the future, if space permits, I will potentially add on Statistics to my list of majors. After undergraduate school, I look to gain a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

In life, my dream is to use Artificial Intelligence to work alongside the working class instead of it overpowering the working class. My other dream is to bring Artificial Intelligence to Haiti with the hopes of using it as an economy booster. This will ensure that not only jobs are created in Haiti, but also educational opportunities are created as well due to the economic stimulus of AI.