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Quesnay Gasmelbal Irnere Lundy

Electrical Engineering Student, Honors College, Miami Dade College

Quesnay Lundy is a Haitian, TPS holder who is currently studying electrical engineering at the rigorous Miami Dade Honors College. Quesnay has not led a traditional life, but he has very much lived a remarkable one. Growing up in Haiti, Quesnay lived in abject poverty and often had to barter books over food. He often spent miles walking to school each day just so he could receive the one thing that has driven him his whole life: his education. In Haiti, he not only mastered the French language, but stood out as a STEM student as well. He was a standout individual to many of his classmates and he even went on to..Although Quesnay would have most likely gone to excel in a Haitian university as he planned, he was, unfortunately, driven out of the country that he called home for (20) years, due to gang violence. He soon arrived in Florida, and his new American environment was daunting to say the least. He was introduced to everything from fully stocked libraries to McDonald’s. This culture shock, however, did little to define his commitment to his education. In the fall of 2021, he opted to enroll himself in Miami Dade College’s English as a Second Language program. Unsurprisingly, he distinguished himself as a standout student (learning the English language in three months) and his professors took notice. They encouraged him to apply to the Honors College at Miami Dade, where he soon thrived. He has been on the Dean’s List every year since he’s been enrolled in the program, all while holding a full-time job. Furthermore, he displays resilience in how he’s able to work as a tutor for students who are struggling in science and math. What’s more spectacular though is that he still harbors an allegiance to the country that he longs for the most – Haiti. Quesnay is the president of the Haitian IBO Club and he has been accepted into a prestigious summer program at Florida International University. From there, he endeavors to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and then become an electrical engineer and provide assistance for the country that he will always build dear.