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Ruthnie August

Public Administraton Student, FIU

Ruthnie Auguste is a third-year student at Florida International University, where she is pursuing a degree in Public Administration. She was born and raised in Cap-Haitien Haiti until she was eight years old. She has served in many leadership roles in college, she was the Event Coordinator of the first generation program on campus, Catholic Legal Services intern, Parliamentarian of the Haitian Student Organization on campus, and now the President of the Haitian Student Organization. Growing up, Ms. Auguste always wanted to become an immigration attorney to make a difference in her country. Ms. Auguste has always been passionate about her culture and always represent wherever she goes. Her sophomore year in college, she joined the Haitian Student Organization on campus as a member. By spring semester she applied to be the parliamentarian for the organization. After becoming the parliamentarian, she was offered an internship at the Catholic Legal Services in Miami. This law firm focused on immigration cases for immigrants around the world. Working alongside Haitian attorneys gave her a different motivation for the field. Their passion manifested in her and motivated her to keep striving for her goal and to know that she’s not alone in this fight. With these works, Ms. Auguste hopes to continue the success story she has carved out with her previous works.