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Tanesha Mondestin

Associate Degree Student, Wor-Wic Community College

My name is Tanesha Mondestin and I am a graduate of Wicomico High School. I am currently enrolled at Wor-Wic Community College and I will be finished with my associates degree this December. I plan to attend The University of Maryland College Park in January 2017. I am very excited to be attending college because I am a first-generation student. My grandma was illerate and it just makes me happy to know that each generation in my family is striving for higher education.

Academically, I am interested in a career in medicine and global health. I would like to start a non-profit organization called Helping Around Internationally to Inspire (H.A.I.T.I.). I have volunteered at the local hospital, shelter, and church. I have also been working at Walmart as a part-time cashier for over a year. I dedicate myself to doing whatever I can to make the world a better place. My faith in God will lead me far in life. I hope to be able to give back in the future to other young students just as the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professional has done for me.

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