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Victoria Pierre-Louis

Victoria Pierre-Louis is originally from Haiti and has lived in the USA since the 80’s when it was taboo to be Haitian. That shaped her to always be proud of her heritage. This ultimately fueled her drive to empower all Haitians whether born in Haiti or elsewhere to be proud to claim their Haitian roots. 

Victoria has worked in real estate for about 20 years now in the South Florida area. She loves the real estate business and loves helping people to achieve their dreams of home ownership. She believes real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth and leave something tangible and valuable for families.  Her entrepreneurial spirit spurred her into the short-term rental business over 10 years ago. Her goal is to help others to get into the business and become financially independent.  

Victoria has extensive experience in academia from working as a mentee/mentor recruiter for a nonprofit organization serving children with a parent in prison, to working as an Admissions Specialist at a university for 13 years.

Victoria has two phenomenal children, Veronica 23, and Zachary 15. Out of all her endeavors, she considers them her greatest achievement. Victoria loves to travel. She has already visited 15 countries and her goal is to eventually travel at least 6 months per year.

She is excited to play a greater role in NAAHP this year besides being an attendee. She also looks forward to playing a role in the future accomplishments of the organization.