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Vladimir Laborde

CEO and Director General, AVENIR ENERGY S.A.

Vladimir Laborde currently serves as CEO of Avenir Energy, a Haitian Corporation that specializes in renewable energy solutions for small to large enterprises as well as microH grids for cities. Previously he served as the CEO for the American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti. Prior to that he is the founder,  board member,  CEO and Director General of Island Telecom, a licensed Haitian wireless service provider of next generation  data communications services. He is also a member of the Ministers’ Cabinet at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Special  Advisor  for International  Investments  and  Economic Growth.

Previously, he was the SecretaryHGeneral of Haiti’s  Presidential  Advisory  Council  on Economic Growth & Investment (PACEGI). Before that, he served as  the  Chief  of  Staff  of Haiti’s Center for the Facilitation of Investments (CFI), Special Advisor to the SecretaryH General of PACEGI, and Director General of Multilink, S.A., a Haitian Telecommunications Company.

Mr. Laborde started his career as Finance professional and, over  time,  has  developed  a strong interest and significant experience  in  overall  business  management  and development. He has demonstrated a record of  high  accomplishment  as  a  CHLevel Executive, with strong capabilities  in organizational management, government and community relations, and enterprise level sales, in the Telecom and NonHGovernmental Sectors in Haiti.

Mr. Laborde began his career in Boston, MA, first as a Bond Trader at Fidelity Investments in Boston, MA, and then as an Accountant Administrator at State Street Bank & Trust, all while acquiring a concentration of studies in Economics (Major) and Political Science (Minor) at Boston University. He later moved to Morgan Stanley, where he  worked  as  a Private Wealth Manager in Miami, Florida.

Following his return to Haiti, Mr. Laborde was named as Vice President of Business Development for NETCOM, a Haitian telecommunications carrier. In 2011 he coHfounded the Haiti New Orleans Heritage Task Force, with the City of New  Orleans, Tulane  Payson Center, the  Center to  Facilitate Investments of Haiti and other institutions from Haiti and The United States and still serves as the coHchair of the Board. The HNOHTF was formed to be clearing house of integration to avoid redundancy and waste. The HNOHTF has gone on to provide support to Haiti from sources across the United States and abroad.

In 2003, he Founded and served as Executive Director of Fondation Avenir, “Foundation FUTURE”, a nonHprofit Haitian organization. Fondation Avenir was founded to combat poverty by providing youth in marginalized and isolated areas with alternatives to violence and with durable and marketable life skills to assist them in becoming contributing citizens. Fondation Avenir also worked in capacity building and reinforcement, as well as supporting reorganization and restructuring of municipalities, and development of recreation  and waste management  resources.  After  successfully  providing  for  Fondation  Avenir’s transition, Mr. Laborde then served as a Consultant for the Energy Sector for Haiti’s Interim Reconstruction Committee and the InterHAmerican Development Bank before joining Multilink.