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Conference Overview

Haiti Forward – Building Collectively on the Roadmap 2020-2040 Vision

Make plans to attend the 8th Annual National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP) conference being held at the beautiful Florida International University Kovens Center, located on FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus in North Miami. We are excited to having you join us as we explore this year’s theme: Haiti Forward – Building Collectively on the Roadmap 2020-2040 Vision.

The 2020-2040 Vision is based on the promotion and implementation of a development approach focused on four (4) clusters of activities and projects selected based on the following criteria:

  • Untapped natural assets (geographical location, climate, soil, topography) and cultural assets.
  • Products and services with high export growth potential and/or access to niche markets.
  • Ability to attract foreign direct investment and Haitians living abroad resources.
  • Generation of high employment and wages, decentralization and linkages with the rest of the economy.
  • Suitability for the development of skills through innovative education and training methods.
  • Capacity for technology absorption and upgrading and for eventual access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Ability to provide their own infrastructure.

The well-developed roadmap is immense in content and in context, anchored around key major development factors.   Once explored and put in motion, the Haiti roadmap designed by NAAHP shall set the trend and set sail the social and economic trajectory of Haiti.  We intend to gather and bring together subject matter experts, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, professionals across several industries and students, to discuss the roles necessary to fulfill the shared purpose of the vision.

This is a call for all hands-on deck to connect, communicate, make key decisions to deliver on the distinct milestones mapped out and ready for execution.  No matter your expertise and interests, we invite you to take a stand and be part of something great and amazing, ready to explode and soar with your participation.

Given the current state of Haiti, it is going to take serious commitment from the diaspora resources and beyond,  to light the fire necessary for sustainable development through evidence based well thought-out initiatives as proposed by the “Haiti Roadmap”.  NAAHP is dedicated to follow through and build upon the momentum generated last year, and many years prior, leading up to this actionable marching forward strategy.  We look forward to having you as we continue to promote the NAAHP successful pursuit of:

  • One of connectedness.
  • Commitment to creating a space for Haitian Diaspora professionals to gather, engage, network.
  • Commitment to highlighting the accomplishments of the Diaspora.
  • Commitment to educating the Diaspora professionally.
  • Creation of a platform where the collective voices and professional/economic capital of the Diaspora can be leveraged for the advancement of Haitian professionals both for the homeland, domestically and abroad.