Financing Platform to Promote Entrepreneurship

Location: Auditorium 117

The roadmap and all the concluding recommendations largely depends on funding capabilities to enable the much-needed entrepreneurship engines to move forward. Identifying viable funding sources capable of sourcing all of the various levels of business initiatives, is a must. In developing countries such as Haiti innovative entrepreneurs can creating jobs and boost economic development, while extending essential products and services to national and international platforms. Entrepreneurs will require assistance at the individual level to acquire technical training, market research and financing from institutions in place to support the growth of innovative small, medium to larger scale enterprises. This panel will examine 4 headlines:

  • The unique challenges at hand on the way to realizing the success of the roadmap, primarily financing opportunities.
  • What it will take to industrialize the existing exploits of the country.
  • Identifying Public Private Partnerships at a much global scale rather than recycling the same sources.
  • Strategic diaspora avenues for engagement as financing agents and beneficiaries
  • Current businesses and institutions proposing suggested approaches