Implementation of the Proposed Roadmap for Haiti’s Development: Insights from a Panel Who are Active in Economic Development in the US and Other Countries

Location: Bayview Ballroom 214

With the latest political events, it’s obvious that Haiti is experiencing a major setback in its plans towards economic developments. Despite these setbacks, we need to take stock of where we are, including our shortcomings, and multiply our efforts to forge a path forward. A good place to start is a roadmap that was developed last year by a working group composed of thought leaders in both Haiti and the Diaspora under the hospice of NAAHP. Key elements of the roadmap include infrastructure, natural resources and the creation of clusters (economic poles) to spur economic activity. After giving a brief overview of the roadmap, we will engage with panelists who are knowledgeable about Haiti and have experience in economic development in the US and other countries. The intent is to address both factors that are enablers or challenges to the implementation of the roadmap. Leaning on the expertise of the panelists, we will explore strategies and tactics that have worked elsewhere in economic development that could be replicated in Haiti. Examples of questions that we will seek to address include: what specific tactics are used by regional administrative units to create economic poles for specific industries or attract major employers? How do they create draws for underserved communities such as rural or neglected urban areas? What types of investments are required in economic development for a major US municipality or County, and how would that translate in Haiti given the constraints on available resources? Two of the panelists are County level executives who are responsible for economic growth in their regions, and the third is a business leader with experience in business investments in frontier economies including Haiti. Our aim is that this panel discussion will give attendees a greater understanding of the current economic situation, and further continued dialogues on the roadmap and its implementation.