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The Haitian Migration Crisis: A Multidimensional International Crisis

Location: Room 3540

The tragic episodes of Haitian migrants and asylum seekers stuck at the US-Texas border in August 2021, and the current situation situations of Haitian migrants or Haitian-Dominicans being expelled without due process in the Dominican Republic in November 2022, speak to the interconnectedness of regional and global migration, inadequate humanitarian and public health responses, and overall international human rights abuse and misused immigration policies. It is more than ever urgent to understand the motivation and the implications of the policies at play, the actors behind them, and the national, regional, and international entities that should be involved in any meaningful and long-term resolution. This panel will gather immigration advocates and experts deeply involved in the current situation of Haitian migrants in the US and the DR and Haitian American elected officials to review the genesis of the current situation, explore possible recourses and issue a specific call to action to resolve the various aspects of what now rises to a multidimensional international crisis.