The 10th Annual NAAHP Conference is being held November 7-9 in Atlanta  Learn More and Register

Track 1: Professional Development

A space where Haitian professionals can connect, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships to achieve their own personal and professional development. This track aims to strengthen the diaspora network and create opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. It will include:

  • Expert-Led Workshops: Dive deep into topics ranging from leadership development to financial literacy, facilitated by industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Dynamic Panel Discussions: Engage in compelling conversations addressing critical issues within our community, from bridging wealth disparities to breaking through glass ceilings.
  • Networking Opportunities: Cultivate meaningful connections with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries committed to driving positive change.
  • Call to Action: “Spark of Something” (S.O.S) initiative represents the power of ingenuity, innovation, and community building. By fostering creativity and collaboration, S.O.S aims to ignite new ideas and drive meaningful change within communities. This initiative encourages individuals and groups to come together, harness their unique talents, and work towards common goals,  ultimately creating a positive impact and building stronger, more resilient communities.