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Track 2: Haiti & Haitian Diaspora Engagement

The Haiti & Haitian Diaspora Engagement track aims to showcase and demonstrate the collective power of the diaspora through mobilization and determination to be the change agents in Haiti and abroad. This track will empower and equip our conference participants with the knowledge, necessary tools as well as opportunities to immediately get involved towards a “Reimagined and Reimaged Haiti” for the better.

Key Features of the Haiti & Haitian Diaspora Engagement Track:

  • Dynamic Panel Discussions: Engage in conversations addressing the critical and current issues facing in Haiti and the Diaspora.
  • Engaging Solutions Pathways to Drive Change in Haiti: This track aims to channel and promote the mighty strengths and capabilities of the Haitian diaspora yet unexplored towards impactful changes in Haiti.
  • Highlighting Accomplishments of Haitians: Showcasing achievements of the diaspora to educate and leverage collective voices for global advancement.