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Foreign Military Intervention In Haiti: History, Analysis, and Recommendations

Location: Campus Center Ballroom

This panel brings perspectives from the past and present to inform the future. Haiti has a long history of crises and foreign military interventions. Today, Haiti is at a crossroad and the threat of, yet another foreign military intervention seems imminent. This timely conversation features three of the foremost experts from Haiti with invaluable experience and insights on Haiti’s long history of foreign military interventions to assess their pros and cons if any, offer an analysis of the current situation, and provide recommendations on steps the diaspora can take to support the homeland and promote sustainable solutions.

This panel is brought to you in collaboration with the Haitian American Foundation for Democracy (HAFFD)’s Voices from Haiti project which aims to bring, to the US-based Haitian Diaspora, subject matter experts from Haiti offering their perspectives on the current crisis as well as recommend paths to solutions.

Featuring “Ensékirité,” a short documentary video on the situation in Haiti by the Haitian American Foundation for Democracy (HAFFD) produced by Ayibopost