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NAAHP Member Spotlight on Ganaelle Joseph-Senatus


Member Spotlight

Article By: NAAHP

“You can do anything, but not everything. So put all your energy towards the one thing that is most important to you.”

When Ms. Ganaelle Joseph-Senatus’s grandfather asked her to become the family’s first doctor, she not only rose to the task but above it. Born in St. Marc Haiti, she drifted through the United States before setting into New York, where she currently works as an MD candidate, a step away from fulfilling her dream. While she enjoys gardening, salsa dancing, and backpacking across the globe, one of the biggest challenges she faces now is separating her home life from her work life. Why? Because the heart of her work captivates her, even during her off hours.

Ms. Joseph-Senatus should serve as an example to all of us. She dreamed of becoming a doctor, and she took active steps towards achieving her goal by becoming a volunteer EMT and a hotline responder for a suicide prevetion center during college. She dedicated her time not only to her passion but to others as well, saving lives and bettering her community.

Despite all of her accomplishments, Ms. Joseph-Senatus has not forgotten her Haitian roots. After receiving the 2018 NAAHP Haitian American Leadership Award Scholarship, she reconnected with her past and networked with other Haitian professionals and became a member of the scholarship committee. Her continued membership with NAAHP keeps her connected to her community and her identity.

She doesn’t have to look far to remember her birthplace – it’s in her name. Her grandfather first asked her to become a doctor and later he served as one of the reasons why she legally added his last name to hers. According to Ms. Joseph-Senatus, “He always believed that I could do great things, which inspires me to believe the same of others.”

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