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The Potter’s Hands


Non-Profit Spotlight

What is your mission?

Our mission is to develop the next generation of Haitian leaders

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?

Education is one of the most powerful weapons against poverty. While there are many non-profit organizations in Haiti focusing on education, they are merely helping their beneficiaries to survive.

At the Potter’s Hands, we believe that the greatest resource of a country is its human capital. Research shows there is a direct correlation between a country’s human capital and its development level. Any nation aspiring to achieve sustainable development must equip its people with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of their country–be they social, economic, and political—and empower them to achieve self-sufficiency.

The goal of the Potter’s Hands is to, first, develop a new generation of high-caliber servant leaders who, by virtue of their education, character, and moral values will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities. The Potter’s Hands believes that true change in any society can only stem from within. Therefore, the sustainable development of Haiti hinges upon the capacity of its people to bring about transformative change in their country and create a society they can all be proud of. Second, the Potter’s Hand will leverage its academic and leadership endeavors as a launch pad for workforce and economic development in the communities where it operates.

What is your organization up to at the moment & how can Members of the National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP) be involved?

The Potter’s Hands Children Center is based in Pilate, Haiti, and is the home of ten children ranging from three-years old to seven-years old. The children go the Catholic schools in the community and the Center provides additional tutoring and academic activities. All of the children came from extremely poor and dysfunctional families. There is a staff of 9 people attending to the needs of the children and managing the Center. The health of the children is care for by the local hospital

The vision of the Potter’s Hands is to build an academic campus—The Potter’s Hands Academy (PHA)—to become the educational arm of the organization. This academic campus will have a capacity of 1000 students and will serve as an incubator for Haitian cadre and technicians, with the expertise to serve their country in various arenas with competence, excellence, and integrity. In the first phase, PHA will provide a world class education from pre-school to high school, room and board, and extracurricular activities to the people it serves. The campus will include state-of-the-art classrooms, dormitories, cafeteria, gymnasium, library, computer lab, art center with auditorium, and an emergency clinic.

The Potter’s Hands is looking for volunteer and donors to help achieve this vision. People can contribute their financial resources, time and expertise in these following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Engineer
  • Capital campaign (fund raising) to build the campus
  • Education
  • Curricula development
  • Partnerships
  • Grant writing and proposal writing
  • Strategy development
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Psychological assessment
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • Marketing and PR
  • Writing
  • Social media
  • Sports
  • Sponsorships of children, buildings, or equipment
  • Accounting
  • Transportation (SUV’s and bus)
  • Classroom, library and health clinic equipment
  • Classroom, dormitories, clinic, and library furniture
  • Books and learning materials in French
  • Computer software and hardware

All major donations will be recognized on the Potter’s Walk, the Potter’s Hands website or as discussed with donors.



National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals

NAAHP is focused on connecting a global community of peers with career advancement resources as well as fostering transformative relationships to strengthen Haiti through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

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