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What are the Ways to Earn Money After a Degree?


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Article By: Robert McMillen

Education helps people to get one big step closer to their dreams. It gives valuable knowledge, networking opportunities, and whatnot. However, if you have high expectations of getting the best job out there right after graduating, you might be disappointed. Employers look for a variety of qualifications that newly grads often do not have. As a result, 53% of new college graduates are not employed or work in a position where having a degree is not required. Plus, it takes at least three to six months for graduates to secure employment after finishing university. So what are the ways to earn money after a degree? That’s what we will talk about in this article!

College degrees increase people’s employment and earnings potential greatly. As numbers show, holders of bachelor’s degrees earn at least $32,000 more than people who only have a high school diploma. If we narrow down and look at the statistics for Millennials only, then we can see that a person holding a high school diploma earns only 62% of a college graduate’s income.

Despite these promising numbers, university graduates face a lot of other problems too.

Secured or unsecured student loans take a noticeable share of the future income to repay them.

Other generic issues are more short-term and mostly concern the stage between graduation and starting a career. As most employers look for specialists with work experience, newly grads often struggle with finding a job right after finishing university.

So what are some side hustles you should consider at the early stages of your career as a university graduate to support yourself?

Consider finding jobs on online platforms

One of the newest and most efficient methods of earning money is freelancing on online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. These are great websites where you can find short or long-term jobs that pay pretty well. You can find jobs here that match your profession and can end up supporting your professional growth along with supporting you financially. Similar platforms also allow you to work with companies from around the world and internationalize your work experience. Let’s face it, in our globalized world having an international experience is a great plus for getting better jobs in the future.

On similar platforms, you might have to start with relatively low rates to attract customers. However, after working with a few customers who have left good reviews about your work, you can increase your rate and work with much higher pay. Especially after the 2020 global pandemic and lockdown, similar online jobs have become even more popular and keep growing with their popularity.

Organizing private lessons as a tutor

Another fun and quick way for earning money right after finishing university is by organizing private lessons as a tutor. As someone who has just finished university, your knowledge of the field of your study is most likely very up to date. Plus, it is a great factor that will help people trust your knowledge as a tutor. With that in mind, choose a target audience and consider designing a tutoring class for the subject you feel confident about. Then, spread the word about the classes. You can offer to tutor your neighbors, relatives or if you want to have a wider reach then marketing your services online can be a way to go.

Besides, there are several companies, both online and offline, that are often open to hiring tutors. If you do not want to get into the processes of organizing classes and finding students yourself, then similar companies will be a good choice for you.

Working as a writer for different companies

As a newly graduated student, it is most likely that you are used to writing a lot. If it is your case, then you can use your writing skills for a living. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are looking for writers for so many reasons – from creating marketing content to guides for users to all sorts of content. In fact, a similar job too can become a good push towards your ultimate career path. If you manage to find a writing job in a company that fits your professional ambitions, then it can be a good starting position that will help you get to know the industry better. Also, in the future, you can use the good connections you make to help you get a better job in the same industry.

Social media

It is no secret that nowadays the power of social media platforms is huge. It has become a medium where so many people share their life, skills, talents, among so many other things. Consider sharing your experiences and skills or talents that you might have. If you put a good amount of time and effort into generating good content, this can become a great source of income in the short run and even in the long run, when you are at later stages of your career. If you successfully manage to create valuable and interesting content that is truly helpful to people, this can increase your visibility as a professional and employers would be more attracted to working with you as an influencer who has an audience.

Online surveys

Finally, if you are looking just for a source of income that does not require too much effort from you then you can even consider taking online paid surveys. There are a lot of companies out there that are willing to pay people who would take their surveys. Usually, similar jobs do not pay a lot, but it could be a fun and easy way for getting some cash flow.

In this day and age, the opportunities are endless, especially if you have a good education and enthusiasm for succeeding. There are times when things do not go very smoothly and the transition from university life to professional life is one of those stages for many people. You can follow our advice for supporting yourself financially and in some cases professionally, while everything falls into its place.

Robert McMillen
Robert McMillen

Robert is an entrepreneur, finance professional, consultant, and passionate writer at Instant Loan Online. For many years using his industry knowledge and experience he has helped his clients to create more wealth and reduce costs.

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