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3 E-Commerce Tips to Boost Your Sales


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Article By: Auguste Jacquet

Nowadays, there are dozens of ways to scale into e-commerce. Believe it or not, building an e-commerce presence is one of the compelling aspects of becoming a thriving business. Standing out of your comfort zone is one of the best resolutions which could contribute to expanding your full potential to experiment with a variety of methods that can help you decide which tactics work best for your business and help you emerge from the crowded marketplace. Here are three tips, which can help leverage your e-commerce strategy.

#1 Do stay focused on your customer’ needs

Remember, your customers are the pillars of your business. Everything you do in your business, they need to address and support your customers. Focusing on your customer, you make sure that you keep their experience at the forefront of your mind – when you make the happiness of your clients your main objective, you start seeing unexpected results.

You might be wondering, how exactly can you keep your business in check, right? One of the suggestions would be to actively engage with your customer feedback – whether good or bad.

Customers are unlikely to return to a company after bad experiences. Matter of fact, you can’t grow if you don’t know how to retain what you have. Your customer’s review or comment gives you a key understanding of recurring problems and point the way to creative and innovative solutions. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to improve your customer retention without changing your product and/or service drastically.

#2 Why not let your customers keep doing the talking

Do you know that building an effective brand identity is a must for your business at the age of digital marketing? It allows you to personalize your interactions and emotional connection with your target audience. When cultivating that strong relationship with your customers, they’re more likely to become authentic brand ambassadors who would drive business and other clients to yours.

In other words, stop procrastinating and make sure to reach out to your top customers with personalized messages asking them for testimonials, or get their input on your products and services. Beware, few marketing methods are more effective and leverage the enthusiasm of your customers to spread word of mouth for your store could have a massive impact on your gross revenue. Have you ever think to use social media to build enthusiasm around your brand to let your customers spread the word?

Run social media contests and let your customers do the talking.

#3 Always remember to prioritize your customer services with native speaking representatives

You’re wondering, why should you prioritize your customer services with native representatives? The reason why is, it’s crucial to avoid misunderstanding and cultural barriers. This is part of creating a successful business, and this is especially the case when you’re planning to expand overseas and sell internationally.

Maybe you have customers in different countries who have different expectations from yours, but most of them will agree on responsive and helpful customer support which can boost their satisfaction and loyalty, which in return will increase the potential for additional revenue and profit.

Take one minute to think about how you would feel if you struggled to resolve a business problem due to language barriers. Why is this so frustrating? Remember, poor customer service is often why customers cut ties with businesses and also leave negative reviews online which can lead to a decrease in your sales margin even in sales opportunities with other customers.

Expand your business internationally allows you to scale your business further. But always keep this in mind, native-speaking customer service representatives can tremendously help you create strong relationships with international customers.

How do you measure your customer satisfaction? Share how you measure your customer experience with us in the comments and keep improving your customer service!

Auguste Jacquet
Auguste Jacquet

Auguste Jacquet is the founder of Haiti Curata, a content marketing startup based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; most people know him as "The Marketing Guy". He is a social media consultant and blog writer. He is a Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP) Alumni with a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems since 2016.

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