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Mayor Joseph’s Welcoming Letter

Dear Friends,

On behalf of more than 61,000 residents of this great city of North Miami, I would like to welcome the 2018 National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professional s (NAAHP) 7th Annual National Conference. I am thrilled to serve as the co-host of this year’s conference taking place at Florida International University-Biscayne Bay Campus, allowing thousands of members and participants from around the world to come and engage in the issues related to advocacy, philanthropy , and social entrepreneurship.

This is a great opportunity for Haiti and its diaspora to collaborate on efforts for professional advancement approaches and explore social and economic advantages. As a city with a large population of Haitian-Americans, I welcome the involvement of NAAHP and encourage all young professionals to assert themselves in this community.

I highly encourage the participants of the conference to also take the opportunity to visit North Miami’s very own and nationally recognized Museum of Contemporary Art, located in our downtown area. I wish all attendees a great experience, enjoying the unique offerings of North Miami, while benefiting from the 2018 NAAHP 7th Annual National Conference.