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The NAAHP Working Abstract

The Global Economy moves every day. Participation simply requires a product and a willingness to compete and trade. This is what both successfully developed, emerging, and developing countries have learned and pursued. Developed economies such as Japan and Germany tried electronics and heavy industries in the 60s, 70s and 80s. China, during its emergence, focused its efforts at fostering global factories for the Global Economy. Within Latin America and the Caribbean we see similar patterns. Brazil exports commodities to the Global Economy; Costa Rica:  Pineapples and Tourism. Dominican Republic: Tourism (though efforts are now being made to introduce some light industries). Even when exploring the United States on a State-by-State perspective, a familiar trend emerges. California equals Technology and Hollywood. New York equals Wall Street, Fashion, Media and Madison Avenue. This trend continues to reflect itself even at the City-State level. Orlando equals Disney. Boston equals Education and Financial Services. Houston is Oil & Drilling. Delaware equals Capital-Entity Formation. And so on.

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