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A Community Conversation: Discussing Approaches to Strengthening The Voices of Americans of Haitian Descent For Greater Impact in Our Communities

Location: Campus Center Ballroom

Since the mid-20th century, the Haitian American community in the United States has steadily grown, sourced primarily by a combination of periodic waves of migrants from Haiti and US-born children. Now at just over 1 million persons of Haitian descent, the community’s successes include keeping at least one eye on Haiti while also being recognized as leaders in professions across fields and industries, holding elected office across the US and being the backbone of locals wherever Haitian Americans are found. Yet, there is dissatisfaction regarding the unmet potential of the community both domestically in the United States and in regards to Haiti’s development. Hence, with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Ayiti Diaspora Collaborative (ADC), a collection of 12 US and Haiti-based Haitian led organizations, is engaged in a community-wide series of conversations. Let’s discuss and discover inclusive approaches that our Haitian American community or Americans of Haitian Descent community, can apply to strengthen the community’s voice across the various interests it cares about both in the US and in Haiti.

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ADC National Survey Presentation: