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Celebrating My Heritage at Home and Abroad


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By: Ebillson Grand Jean (pictured Sharing Common Values with Some Dominicans)

I always try to make a difference wherever I am and in whatever I do, because I have a nation to represent, a flag to promote and a culture to value.

In my life, Haitian pride is reflected in five ways: the way I think, the way I speak, the way I act, the way I am, and the way I make other people see Haitian’s beauty.

Haiti may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but I believe this can change, and I always try to make other people believe this too.

2013: Haitian students with an American Student Advisor

2013: Haitian students with an American Student Advisor

When I am in Haiti, I always inspire my peers to be optimistic. When I travel outside of Haiti, I always let other people know I am Haitian. It is always a pleasure for me to let them discover Haiti’s beauty through pictures, through recounting our history, sharing our traditions, through and more.  I let them know that Haiti is not only defined by Cite-Soley, but also by beautiful landmarks and cities such as Citadelle, Labadie, Jacmel, Port Salut, etc.

In 2013, my school and I represented Haiti in a competition in California; we impressed them so much, that many Americans expressed an interest in traveling to Haiti to visit us.

Haitian team at 2013 Future Business Leaders of America’s National Leadership Conference

Haitian team at 2013 Future Business Leaders of America’s National Leadership Conference

In 2014, I participated in New York University’s International Public Policy Forum, as a debate contestant. In 2015, I received an award from Group Excellence Plus for being one of the National Laureates to the Official State Exams for the 2014-2015 Academic year. All of these illustrate one thing: Haitians are brilliant; therefore we have more than one reason to be proud of being Haitians.

Every single day, I am always trying to be the best Haitian citizen possible I can be, so that the whole world testify that Haiti is more than a country.



National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals

NAAHP is focused on connecting a global community of peers with career advancement resources as well as fostering transformative relationships to strengthen Haiti through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

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