The Journey is On


This is not a story about success but one about perseverance. This is not a story about accolades or honors but one about finding purpose while staying true to yourself and your dreams.

“One of the most deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is not in your failures, but it is in losing sight of your purpose” –unknown

As a first generation, Haitian American woman born in the U.S., there are a few things that all children of Haitian immigrants can relate to: our sense of pride, an innate love for our culture, and of course the three L’s: l’eglise, l’ecole, la kay.

Our parents traveled here in hopes of a better life for themselves as well as their children. In the process we, as their children, carry the hopes and dreams of our lineage. And with that comes PRESSURE! Which leads to the lines between your dreams and their dreams a tad blurred.

I grew up highly curious about science and math, but of course since birth my parents had their own goals for me. Medical doctor. So that became my only goal, my only dream. I took that on as mine, and started working towards that one goal with tunnel vision.

However, throughout the process of studying various biological systems, and all the intricate details that could go wrong… I became curious. Who came up with these theories? Who decided that one mutation in a gene would cause said disease? How did they know this medication will cure that specific disease?

I knew figuring out the why behind medicine was what I really wanted to do. I knew that research was my purpose, but I also didn’t know how to shift into a new career or how to begin to deviate from a plan that was so much of me from the very beginning. BUT I knew I owed it to myself to figure out how I can be in MY natural state of growth, living up to MY fullest potential.

The decision wasn’t easy, the conversation wasn’t easy… and when I began my PhD program in biomedical engineering, I realized the actual purpose, the dream wouldn’t be easy either. And it took SIX years. Six years of perseverance, of finding self, and of redefining my dreams.

As you embark on your own journey, to self-discovery and professional development. Ask yourself, what piques your curiosity? Dig deep, and ask yourself questions that leads to growth and expansions. Be intentional and imagine the best possible result for yourself and community. And right there, is where you start finding purpose and chasing your dreams.

Dr. Daphney Chery
Dr. Daphney Chery

Daphney Chery obtained her MS degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2012 and her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems at Drexel University in 2018. Her research focused on investigating the role of decorin in the mechanical and structural properties of the pericellular matrix (PCM) of cartilage during maturation and during OA progression. Daphney’s recent work has also been accepted as podium presentations in various conferences such as the Orthopaedics Research Society, American Physical Society and the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference. She also has organized and hosted charitable functions, where she raised money for those suffering from the devastation of the earthquake and hurricane in Haiti. She is also a blogger, where she aims to empower and inspire men and women of color to pursue careers in the STEM field through colorful anecdotes.

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