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The KORE-LA foundation is focused on the education and health of the underprivileged


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Article By: Rivly Breus

Fondation KORE Edikasyon ak Lasante (Education and Health) is an organization located in Cap Haitien, Haiti that focuses on the education and health of the underprivileged. Since its establishment in April 2016, they have catered to Cap Haitien and surrounding areas.

The foundation’s work in promoting the basic education of children, supervising them, healing the sick and decreasing the infant mortality rate although met with difficulty has nonetheless been successful.

One of their goals is to establish a shelter for children, where the foundation can ensure that they go to school, are provided meals, have their medical needs met and have a place to sleep. This includes orphans and those whose families do no have the means to help them.

Not only that but they fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis,and malaria among many others through education, prevention, and medical services rendered.

Dr. Mompremier, the founder, has been steadily working to desensitize vulnerable populations against the dangers of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics and decrease the illiteracy rate and increase gender equality.

She believes that by investing in humans they can contribute to the social development of Haiti.

Within the Nord and Nord-Est region of Haiti the foundation has erected mobile clinics and challenged the ongoing ideas on gender-based, domestic and community violence through education initiatives.

They have provided training/classes on proper sanitation methods, sex education, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Within their distribution of items various kits including food and hygiene kits are given to the residents. During the holiday season children recieve gifts depending on age and sex. More than a thousand students in different schools of the city of Cap-Haitien have received scholarships to further their studies.

The KORE-LA foundation is currently working on the construction of a large diagnostic center (laboratories, imaging) that will serve residents of Cap Haitien and surrounding areas as well as a school for impoverished children.

As of current, their biggest roadblocks are funding which would allow them to carry out certain activities planned in their agenda for 2018 including but not limited to the erection of a shelter, school, and clinic.

They are in need of sponsors, consulting, and partners who share their goals.

They aspire to make an enormous impact within this region.

Learn more about the KORE-LA foundation at https://www.facebook.com/kore.edi.sante/

Rivly Breus
Rivly Breus

NAAHP Membership Operations Coordinator

Rivly is a specialized mental health counselor. She works with clients struggling with gambling addiction, substance use, and alcoholism. She has a diverse array of clients ranging from medical students and residents to families and professional athletes. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts and Humanities with a special concentration in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and French and a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She has aspirations to obtain a PsychD and become a clinical child psychologist. Rivly is presently working towards increasing her fluency in Brazilian Portuguese.

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