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Learn About Innovations et Créations Haiti


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Article By: Rivly Breus

Many of us see images of Haiti and come to understand that there is a great need for services in several areas. Although this may be the case this firm has set out to show people that Haitians as a whole can contribute scientific and technological advances to the world. One of their goals is to innovate and create new utilitarian technologies for our planet.

Innovations et Créations Haïti is a firm that specializes in art, technology, and social innovations. The group established themselves in October 2016, although their registration process was launched in the month of September of 2017 at the Ministry of Commerce in Haiti as they run their operations out of Port-au-Prince.

Having a portfolio of over a dozen projects, one f their objectives is to get the younger generation involved in organizing a fair where such individuals can meet to collaborate and introduce new ideas. Some examples include creating social innovations for disabled and handicapped individuals as well as those that are deaf and/or blind, one device produced is the RAA or Radio Alert Ayiti, which would alert the population of impending natural disaster using a sole frequency.

Advances in security measures, technology, sports, health, education, and IT would propel Haiti to the ranks of other countries states Djimmy Estinvil one of the founders of the firm. Some of the barriers faced by this firm include finding manufacturers for the prototypes that are designed as well as funds to put them on the market.

As of current, the firm is working on phosphorescent badges for the hearing impaired and two new sports centers; one for basketball and the other for soccer. They are currently looking for innovators to work alongside as well as coaches and managers that offer to mentor and they also want to organize competitions between innovators.

When it comes to a resilient country like Haiti this group sets out to empower people and advocate on their behalf. Within their communities, they can make this happen with their innovations.

You can visit Innovations et Créations Haïti at the following:

Rivly Breus
Rivly Breus

NAAHP Membership Services Coordinator

Rivly is a specialized mental health counselor. She works with clients struggling with gambling addiction, substance use, and alcoholism. She has a diverse array of clients ranging from medical students and residents to families and professional athletes. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts and Humanities with a special concentration in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and French and a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She has aspirations to obtain a PsychD and become a clinical child psychologist. Rivly is presently working towards increasing her fluency in Brazilian Portuguese.

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