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Host Committee

Adler Eliacin is a passionate Global Workforce and Diversity, Equity &...

Adler C. Eliacin

Managing Director, Synergy Strategy Group

Danielle Saint Lot is member of the Advisory Council of NAAHP....

Ambassador Danielle Saint-Lot

Former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

President of Danielle Saint-Lot Haiti Women’s Foundation

Mrs. Charnette Frederic was born in Cazale, Haiti, where she attended...

Charnette Frederic

Councilwoman, Irvington, New Jersey

Chairwoman, NHAEON

A grounded, thoughtful, and inclusive leader, Ruthzee is working to bring...

Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune

City Councilor, At-Large, Boston

Alix Cantave is a senior program officer at the W.K. Kellogg...

Dr. Alix Cantave

Senior Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Dr. J. Keith Motley served as Chancellor of the University of...

Dr. J. Keith Motley

Chancellor Emeritus, UMass Boston

Professor, College of Management, UMass Boston

Consultant President/CEO, The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

Dr. Monalisa Ferrari is the Founder and President of FEWGI Foundation...

Dr. Monalisa Ferrari

Founder, FEWGI

Founding President, DREP

Garry Pierre-Pierre, a Pulitzer Prize-winning, journalist, is the founder and publisher...

Garry Pierre-Pierre

Founder, Haitian Times

Co-Founder, City University of New York's Center for Community and Ethnic Media

Dr. Harry Dumay is President of the College of Our Lady...

Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA

President, College of Our Lady of the Elms

Herby Duverné was born in Haiti and came to the United...

Herby Duverné

CEO, Windwalker Group

J. Teddy Chery was born in Haiti and immigrated to the...

Jacques Teddy Chery MPA MSPS

Community Engagement Officer, Urban Edge

Haitian Language Instructor, Harvard University

Jemadari Kamara has been the elected chairman of the Africana Studies...

Jemadari Kamara, Ph.D.

Professor, Africana Studies Department, UMass Boston

Jessicah Pierre is a skilled public relations professional who has spent...

Jessicah Pierre

Chief of Communications, City of Boston

In 2010 Karen co-founded The Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation,...

Karen Keating Ansara

Board Member, Haiti Development Institute

Marie Evangéline Roussel-Lucien is a native of Haiti, with a long...

Marie Evangéline Roussel-Lucien

VP Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations, GRAHN-USA

Pierre Noel has led Haiti Development Institute for 11 years, from...

Pierre Andre Noel

Executive Director, Haiti Development Institute

Suze François is a professional with over 18 years of experience...

Suze François

Principal, Mileus Global Consultancy, LLC